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No matter what others think.

You always give 100% as mom and you can be relied on. 

We encourage you to think about yourself too! Our wish: Take time for yourself and use our separate childcare. We are the flexible addition to the classic childcare concepts and believe that everyone deserves time for themselves and their lifestyle.

Your child can develop in a playful way with us. Children need freedom in their development. Especially when playing. With us, your child can repeat what he or she has learned and observed in play with other children, and get new input directly from the others. 

We're revolutionizing your childcare. We'll make your life easier. We offer short term childcare as flexible as you need it to be. Why? Because we are convinced that if you do something good for yourself, you automatically do something good for your child. Win-win! 

Be proud of yourself! Give yourself a break!

Our Kidsclub is a secure and cosy play space for your little ones. We offer playtime for kids from 6 month to 5 years old. We can’t wait to welcome little ones to our fantastic kids club.





  • the support takes place in a separate room

  • depending on the number of children, there are several caregivers on site

  • for kids from 6 month and 5 years old

  • several years of experience